Do you know how to use a pram or stroller safely?

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Home Safety

Getting out and about with your baby is an essential part of life and most parents already pay particular attention to the mandatory regulations around child car seats. But, when it comes to prams and strollers they are less risk aware. Follow these simple guidelines to keep baby safe. 

What’s the best pram or stroller to buy?

No matter what features a pram or stroller has, ensure that the product meets the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2088. Essential safety features to look for are: 

  • Must have a 5-point harness (2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps and a crotch strap) to secure the child  
  • Must have a tether strap on the handle which goes around the wrist of the person pushing. 
  • There should be a red braking mechanism that can’t be accessed by a child when they are installed. 
  • If choosing a pram with a bassinette ensure it also has a 5-point harness. 

WARNING: Many imported products or novelty products (such as convertible tricycles) do not meet standards and are unsafe to use, especially with younger children. 

Other things to think aobut before purchase: 

  • How flat does it fold? Can itf fit into your boot? 
  • How heavy is it and can you lift it? 
  • Is it too wide for the local shops? 
  • Does it suit your lifestyle? 

Safety tips while using your baby pram or stroller 

  • Double check that the folding mechanism is securely locked in place and the pram can’t collapse. 
  • Always click your child into the pram with a 5 point harness that comes over the shoulders, between the legs and around the waist and adjust to fit snugly. 
  • Whenever you stop, put on the brake. Babies wriggle and prams can move. 
  • Put your wrist through the tether strap in case you fall or you lose control of the pram. 
  • Always park your pram parallel to a road or railway line so it cannot get ‘sucked’ into the passing traffic. 
  • Don’t put excess bags on the back. If you take your hand off, overloading it can cause the pram to tip. 

TIP: Toddlers can start to object to being strapped in. From early on make it a rule that you don’t move until they are secured – just like in the car. 

Can babies sleep in prams or strollers?

Getting out with your baby in the pram or stroller is good for your mental and physical health,  and can also help settle your baby and also give them stimulus to help their development. If they fall asleep remember: 

  • Transfer them to their cot as soon as you get homeif possible, if out and about not lay the seat as flat as possible and closely monitor them.  
  • Remove additional blankets or clothing that could cause suffocation  
  • Don’t put a cover over the pram or stroller as it puts the child at risk of overheating. 

Common childhood injuries from baby prams or strollers

Prams tipping over because of heavy bags on the bag is one of the most common injuries from prams or strollers in Australia, however there have been several cases of deaths caused by strollers or prams that have rolled away. 

Other injuries include: 

  • Bumps and bruises from being flung out of the pram (harness not being used) or the pram tipping. 
  • Pinched or trapped fingers or limbs 
  • Death or serious injury when the carer loses control of the pram or stroller 

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