Clever Elly Dual USB Charger


Dual USB Charger

All cars have a cigarette lighter, but they are usually occupied by cell phone or navigation system chargers. So we have built Clever Elly with a dual USB Fast Charger.

A Life Saving Reminder!

Different Reminders

We know people tend to eventually tune out on repeating alerts, so we’ve included ten different alerts that play at random.

Pioneered by Parents

We’ve each felt the joy and burden of raising children, and the overwhelming need to keep them safe and protected.

No Setup Required

We wanted a device that doesn’t require complex installation or setup, Clever Elly™ can be easily powered by any car’s existing features.

Simple & Inconspicuous

We have intentionally made it simple and inconspicuous. It is designed to live inside your car and work autonomously.

Sleek Design

Clever Elly™ incorporates a modern minimalistic design that blends in the interior of any vehicle, no visually disruptive buttons or screens.

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  • Dual USB Charger
  • Different Reminders
  • No Setup Required
  • Sleek Design


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