Dreambaby Mag Locks 4pk


The Dreambaby® Mag Lock™ Magnetic Locking System is particularly useful in the kitchen, the most dangerous room in any home. Secure cupboards and doors and help keep little ones safe from accidents.



  • Simply install the Mag Lock to the inside of the cupboard or drawer.

  • Automatically locks when the door or drawer closes.

  • To release, simply place the Magnetic Key on the outside of the cupboard or drawer and turn.

  • Convenient disengaging clip means door can remain unlocked when necessary.

  • Not visible from the outside.

  • Comes in packs of two or four.

  • Requires Mag Lock key. Sold separately.

  • Suitable for cabinets thickness from 12mm (0.5″) to 28mm (1.1″).

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