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  • EXTENDED REARWARD FACING – The safest way for babies and young children are to travel rearward facing as long as possible. Quattro Classic allows for Extended Rearward Facing up to 30 month old and Forward Facing with the harness to 4 years of age.
  • COMPACT –Measuring an incredibly narrow 42cm across at its widest point in both Rearward and Forward Facing modes, Quattro Classic is the narrowest child restraint with an in-built harness on the market. Quattro Classic also has features an ultra-compact Rearward Facing depth, great for smaller vehicles.
  • TWIST & LIFT  Comes with twist and lift which allows one handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the restraint. Don’t need to re-thread the straps and no need to uninstall the seat.
  • AIR COCOON TECHNOLOGY –This enhances side impact protection through blow moulding design, which dramatically reduces the impact forces during a crash. The blow moulded shell greatly reduces the forces on a child’s head and body in a side-impact accident.



  • Extended Rearward Facing to large 30-month-old
  • Forward Facing with an internal harness to large 4-year-old
  • Ultra compact width – great for 3 across
  • Ultra compact rearward facing depth – great for small vehicles
  • Air Cocoon Technology integrated
  • Twist and Lift one-handed headrest & harness adjustment
  • 9 recline positions
  • Easy install belt path
  • Height Adjustable Buckle
  • Self-adjustable Tether Strap – easily reposition the tether strap to either side of the child restraint shell
  • Built-in anti-rebound design

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